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In addition to Glavani Park, relaxing at the beach and swimming/diving, there are lots of other activities to enjoy.

Walking, Cycling – There are hundreds of kilometres of paths, tracks & roads to walk or cycle. Along the beach, through woodland and meadows, maybe even a walk up Ucka – the highest mountain in Istria at almost 1400mtrs – in the spectacular Ucka Nature park. We can provide a range of maps & guides to assist you. If you are a photographer or painter, this is ideal country for you.Early morning sun on a dog walk in Glavani Photo taken 300 metres from our office in Glavani. Often the most beautiful places are on your doorstep; perhaps enjoy relaxing around the apartment for a day or two! Everyday we take Iskra the dog for two walks in the countryside, you will not be the first customers to enjoy a stroll with us! She even enjoys going with the customers for an extra stroll when asked!
Riding/Trekking – There is a very good horse riding centre nearby where you can book rides by the hour and/or be guided out into the local countryside – even if you are a total beginner or experienced you will appreciate this school. Often camping nights out are organized - if you are interested. The local countryside is beautiful, even better when the horse is concentrating on the walking and you can enjoy the viewing!Horses at our local horse riding centre Nigel had to go horse - riding when his nieces and nephews came for a holiday; he wasn't best pleased, having vowed never to climb on one again! However, after one hour his views had changed dramatically and he has since been again. Here, the big horse says to the little horse "Wait 'til he gets on me...he won't laugh then!"
Go-Karting – There is an excellent Go Karting Track just 20 minutes drive away. It is fun and addictive – we know, we have been many times and keep going back. In fact, if you wish, we organise a race between all the customers, finishing off with a pizza evening in the track's new restaurant. A great evening out for all!Sue winning the race against our customers? Maybe no! Sue races around the corner in hasty pursuit of the end so she can purchase another "veliko pivo", otherwise known as "large beer". The Green Garden race course is well known in Croatia as being an excellent track with great facilities. There are also three cars with two seats for taking the "young-uns" out for a spin.
4 X 4 Driving – There are two 4X4 ‘parks’ nearby and there are a number of companies who specialize in 4x4 guided tours to see those places more difficult to access by the usual means. Quad bikes can be delivered and used from our office which has proven a tremendous success. Each bike seats two so a family can really enjoy this for an afternoon.Guests love the quad biking around our villages. We have had very active families coming to stay with us and we have organized numerous things for them to do. One of the favourites is to race around the countryside of Glavani on a quad bike. You can also rent scooters and bicycles like this too. 
Caves – Close to Barban is one of the most beautiful caves in Istria. The Špilja "Feštinsko Kraljevstvo" cave was opened to the public recently. It is operated by two friends of ours and is well worth a visit. Far bigger and more beautiful are the world famous Postojna caves just a two hour drive away in Slovenia.Wet day? Visit the caves. This is a photo from inside Postojna caves. Although this is now a different country, Slovenia can be reached so easily from our properties and it is so beautiful we actively encourage a days excursion there. In our office we have all the information you need about the caves and the other places you can visit too.
Sailing - Our highly skilled and very personable friend will take you on his sailing boat around the coast and stop for swimming, fishing, a restaurant, and however you wish. The length of cruise is decided by you and the activities are your choice too. Of course weather conditions dictate whether it is all possible too! You will only pay for what you get.

Beautiful day? Sail the waves!

Some Irish guests sent a message to my mobile soon after getting off the boat after 4 hours out..."This was the best day ever. Thank you. The kids all voted this was the highlight of the best holiday. How can we better that. We are going again on Thursday." 
Flying - There is a Cesna plane flying from Medulin to take up to 3 at a time over Pula, Brioni islands etc. Standard flights are 15 and 30 minutes, 200 and 380kn/person respectively. For a special occasion this is a must. We took an hour and flew over Pula, Rovinj and three times around Glavani! Fantastic!Anniversary? Fly over Istria! It is absolutely amazing how much of Istria is woodland and green. Villages are just a dot in a big green lake. The amphitheatre and Rovinj looked stunning too. So I have put two of my photos down below taken from the plane just because I love them and think you will too.
Of course, sometimes you just want to do what the locals do. And if that means getting dressed up and walking the street...then so be it. As long as you have the best holiday ever than Sue and Nigel will be satisfied and all the work will be worth it!Celebration? Celebrate Istrian! In fact this is the procession building up to the Prstenac festival where the horses race up a track and the rider has to stab at the centre of a ring to gain points. A very engaging sport and one of great skill. This is held in the second half of August. Three years ago the son of the Apartment Uckar owners won!
Here are just a few photos we like;

The peninsula of Rovinj, originally an island, stands proud and often has art exhibitions and music evenings. Well worth a walk around. We have a days tour written out for you which includes coming here.

While flying look at Rovinj
Pula is a mish - mash of history and a jumble of architecture. But all in all it is a tremendous place to spend a day or two and to discover 3000 years of history. For those of you who like shopping...then Pula has grown significantly in the past few years and now has a lot to offer and at reasonable prices too.While flying look at Pula As a game, see if you can spot the Roman amphitheatre!

One of the largest and best preserved in the world.

Plitvica lakes - These are quite the most stunning set of lakes and waterfalls we have ever seen. It is possible to drive there, walk all around and drive back in one will need 12 hours altogether. We could arrange a night's stay over if you wish...but certainly this is an excursion which will stay in the forefront of your memory.

All times of the year Plitvica lakes are mesmerising

Our goats - provide a little time out for your kids. Let them pet and feed our little friends and then also show them cows, turkeys, rabbits and chickens on Nevenko's farm just up the road from our office and Hiza Suzanna.Nigel's goats are worth a walk to see.
Grape/Olive Picking – Many people come here in the Autumn for the Grape Harvest or Olive picking. You will be fed and ‘watered’ regularly, will get to experience the process from start to finish, and will get to take some of the end result home with you. The weather is still mild at these times of year – we have walked along the beach in T-shirts in November.


There are also a number of tennis courts, football pitches, and a golf course within easy reach.

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